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MicroLubrol™ StyloSeal™ HEAVY Consistency (High Stiffness) 100% Pure Silicone Sealant & Lubricant Grease for Fountain and Eyedropper Pen 1 oz

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MicroLubrol™ StyloSeal™ is a STIFF, non sagging and non melting silicone sealing and lubricating grease that maintains its consistency at all temperatures. It is a stiffer, more viscous grease with lower silicone oil content than most standard silicone greases, which makes it a very stable product and prevents oil "bleed." "Bleed" of the base oil from the grease is a problem with many ordinary silicone greases.
MicroLubrol™ StyloSeal™ contains a high quality, high viscosity 100% pure silicone oil base that provides superb long term usability without bleed, gumming, separation, hardening or degradation of any kind of the grease.
MicroLubrol™ StyloSeal™ 100% Pure Silicone Grease has been tested by pen enthusiasts and is the perfect grease for eyedropper conversions of cartridge type fountain pens as well as for any sealing applications in any type of fountain or eyedropper pen.

- 100% pure silicone base. Inert and nonreactive. Compatible with all inks, polar and non-polar.
- Sealing and lubrication of piston seal fountain pens.
- Thread sealing and o-ring lubrication in cartridge pen eyedropper conversion applications.
- NO additives such as lithium soap thickener. NO petroleum distillates or petroleum by-products which can degrade plastics and rubbers.

MicroLubrol™ StyloSeal™ is available in a MEDIUM consistency and in a HEAVY consistency. Both the MEDIUM and the HEAVY grades provide excellent sealing and lubrication on pen applications. You can get a heavier or a lighter grade depending on your application. If you want a very stiff, thicker grease for heavier duty sealing such as in eyedropper pen conversions, try MicroLubrol StyloSeal HEAVY grade. If you prefer a slightly less viscous, less stiff silicone grease for less demanding sealing applications such as piston fillers or for simple o-ring lubrication, then try MicroLubrol StyloSeal MEDIUM grade.
Item Number: MLSSH1
Manufacturer: MicroLubrol
Manufacturer Part No: MLSSH-1oz
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