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MicroLubrol ULTIMOX HPL-105 PURE PFPE Oil High Performance Lubricant, 540 cSt Viscosity in Convenient 1 ounce (28 grams) Resealable Tube

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MicroLubrol ULTIMOX HPL-105 resists the harshest environments and conditions: heat, cold, ice, snow, rain, water washout, cleaners, acids, caustics, steam and automotive chemicals. In addition, the consistency of ULTIMOX HPL-105 oil is ISO 150 grade which is the SAME as GPL-105, making ULTIMOX HPL-105 a perfect drop-in replacement for GPL-105 and even GPL-106 in automotive applications.

Product Features:
Resists heat, cold, steam, chemicals, solvents and other severe conditions.
Inert to harsh chemicals including nitric and sulfuric acids and chlorine.
Eliminates squeaks, judder and sticking of rubber seals and weather-stripping in convertible tops, trunks, hatches and doors.
Eliminates squeaks, rattles and ather noise due to vibration and rubbing of rubber and leather, plastic and rubber, and metal and plastic/rubber parts including console parts, fascia and trim panels, seats.
Side view mirror mechanism.

Completely non-flammable,
Thermally stable,
Color/Consistency: Clear, medium viscosity liquid,
Service Temperature (High): 400 Degress F (204 Deg C),
Service Temperature (Low): -30 Degrees F (-34 Deg C),
Base Oil Specific Gravity (sp. gr.) @ 0 Deg C: 1.94,
Base Oil Viscosity: 540 centistokes (cSt) @ 20ºC,
Grease Viscosity Grade: ISO 150 oil grade viscosity,
Equivalent characteristics and performance to GPL-105 Krytox brand manufactured and distributed by Chemours (MicroLubrol LLC is NOT affiliated with Chemours).
Item Number: MLUHPL-105-1
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