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MicroLubrol™ 1 oz MOLYBDENUM DISULFIDE Moly MoS2 Powder SUPER FINE 1-2 micron BEST LUBE GRADE, 1 oz Bottle

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- SUPER FINE GRADE, 1 to 2 micrometers (microns, µm) average particle size.
- The finest grade for lubrication.
- Dry lubrication of metal and plastic contact parts.
- Dry lubrication of locks and door mechanisms.
- Lubrication of ammunition for reloading. Dry lubrication of firearms.

- Dry lubrication of metal and plastic contact parts. Both metal as well as high speed and friction rotating plastic parts (such as the gears in RC vehicles) can benefit from a light coating of MoS2.
- Lubrication of ammunition for reloading.
- Automobile and truck engine anti-friction additive.
- Burnishing (rubbing-in of the powder) on o-rings for superior lubricity. Some o-rings are compounded and molded with the MoS2 already incorporated in the rubber, but most are not and can therefore benefit from being coated with MoS2 (NOTE: MoS2 is considered relatively safe and not toxic but is not approved for use in food and beverage applications).
- High (contact) pressure additive for oils and greases. Adding between 2 to 4% MoS2 super fine powder to your favorite grease will give it an additional lubrication kick and enable it to handle high contact pressure applications much better (NOTE: lubricants used in food or beverage equipment or similar sensitive applications should never be adulterated with any additives).
- Dry lubrication of firearms. If you prefer a dry lube in certain parts of your firearm, MoS2 is vastly superior to any other dry lubricant such as graphite or PTFE powder as it is totally heat resistant to over 700ºF in air (up to 2,000ºF in non-oxidizing environments) and most firearms stay under 400ºF internally even after repeated firing, and MoS2 does not react with any gun metals or plastics.
- Dry lubrication of locks and door mechanisms.
- Dry lubrication of internal clock parts.

- Purity: 98% Minimum.
- Average Particle Size (APS): 1 to 2 micrometers (microns, µm, micrometers) approximately 7000 to 8000 mesh equivalent (there are no actual screens with mesh finer than 600 available so the number is for relative comparison only).
- Hardness: Approx. 1 on Moh's hardness scale.

In a CONVENIENT, RESEALABLE plastic SQUEEZE bottle w/ applicator top (applicator tip comes factory sealed "blind" so user can cut off tip for fine or wider tip opening hole).

HOW DOES "MOLY" WORK? The secret of how Molybdenum Disulfide acts as such a great lubricant lies in its molecular structure. Molybdenum is a metal and, as such, one would assume that it is a hard particle and, in fact, it is, and it is even added to stainless steel to make it stronger. However, in MoS2 the molybdenum atoms are "cushioned" between the soft sulfur atoms (see illustration below) resulting in a kind of sandwich effect like chunky peanut butter covered by soft Wonder bread (or whatever soft bread you buy now that we can't get Wonder any more!). In addition, the flat "sandwiches" or flakes formed by the molybdenum and sulfur atoms provide even more lubrication action due to their very shape, as the MoS2 micro flakes slide one over the other similarly to how the cards in a brand new deck of playing cards being shuffled all over a table slide very easily one over another. You can see this in the close-up picture showing the MoS2 powder being spread thinly over white cardboard. Although you can see the super-smooth creaminess of the spreading material you'll notice that it tends to spread in flaky layers, finer and finer as you press down on it. And because of its finer size compared to other grades, the super fine grade particles can get into even the smallest microscopic nooks and crannies of metal and plastic surfaces to impart an effective lubricant coating. You can better appreciate the lubricating action of super fine MoS2 in the pictures showing the MoS2 powder being spread onto highly polished stainless steel. In the first picture you can see the micro-thin layer of MoS2 particles compared to the millimeter scale. The hazy bluish color area is the spread-out MoS2 powder and, as you can see, it is impossible to even make out any of the finest MoS2 microscopic particles even when compared against a millimeter scale, as the MoS2 just seems to act like butter spread on the stainless steel surface. As you spread it thinner, the MoS2 spreads as thinly as possibly, still maintaining a full coating on the surface and covers even the smallest surface imperfections. You may be better able to appreciate this in the last close up picture. Even though the powder is rated at 1.5 microns average particle size, there are many sub-micron particles in the mixture, and they help smooth over even the smallest crevices on the surface. The MoS2 impregnates the surface where it is applied and remains there, maintaining effective lubrication.
Item Number: MLMoS2-1B
Manufacturer: MicroLubrol
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