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MicroLubrol™ Lubrezzo™ Espresso Machine 100% Pure Silicone Lubricant Grease 1 oz 28 gm

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Lubricating the brew group ensures mechanical parts move smoothly for optimal performance of your machine. Use To Lubricate O-Rings, Seals and Gaskets In Espresso Machines.

- 100% pure silicone base.
- Excellent Water Resistance.
- Can be Applied by Hand, Brushing or Wiping.
- SAFE for O-Rings and Other EPDM, Buna, Rubber and Plastic Seats/Seals/Gaskets.

Apply a thin layer of MicroLubrol Lubrezzo grease to the moving parts of your machine when you start hearing squeaks and creaks in your machine's brew unit or according to the brewing frequency. Please refer to the user manual for the full instructions on applying lubricant to your particular espresso machine.
For example, Philips recommends lubricating the espresso machine as follows:
- lubricate every 4 months if you brew 1-5 times per day,
- lubricate every 2 months if you brew 6-10 times per day,
- lubricate once a month if you brew more than 10 times per day.
Item Number: MLL
Manufacturer: MicroLubrol
Manufacturer Part No: MLL-1oz
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