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MicroLubrol™ Gun Protectant Oil 100% Silicone Oil SAFE for ALL METALS 2 fl. oz, 59mL

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MICROLUBROL™ Gun Protectant Oil. A 100% Pure Silicone Oil for protecting gun metal surfaces and any other metal surfaces while adding a lustruous sheen, rust resistance and water-repellency. Special low viscosity ideal for gun metal protection application. Application is extremely easy, flexible and convenient! The twist top cap delivers the fluid drop by drop or in a slow stream for application on large areas, and the needle applicator allows you to accurately place even the smallest amount of oil exactly where you want it.

MicroLubrolTM GUN PROTECTANT OIL is completely neutral and unreactive and cannot possibly damage any metal part. In addition, MicroLubrolTM GUN PROTECTANT OIL is compatible and recommended for use with most rubbers and elastomers including natural rubber, Buna-N, Nitrile, Butyl, EPDM, Neoprene, Silastic, and fluorocarbon rubbers like Viton and Chemraz; and plastics including Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Polycarbonate, Polyacrylate, Styrene Butadiene, Polysulfide and PTFE/Teflon.

- 100% Silicone Oil - NO petroleum distillates or ANY additives, solvents or propellants.
- Special low viscosity for better penetration and spreadability.
- Compatible with all metals, all rubbers and plastics.
- Will not gum up or gel. Will not evaporate. High water repellency.
- Essentially odorless, tasteless and nontoxic.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for loosening or lifting the belt to apply lubricant, and for any running-in or conditioning procedures for the lubricated belt before fully placing the unit back in service after lubrication. Apply MICROLUBROL™ TREADMILL LUBRICANT FLUID by spraying onto the underside of the running belt. May be spread around underside of belt and/or the deck with a special sponge applicator if one has been provided by the treadmill manufacturer.
COMPLETELY CLEAN OFF ANY AND ALL EXCESS FLUID that seeps out from under the belt or which drips anywhere by wiping with a damp cloth. SPILLED OR DRIPPING FLUID CAN PRESENT A SLIPPING HAZARD. DO NOT APPLY TO THE WALKING / RUNNING SURFACE. Always follow the manufacturer's belt and deck lubrication recommendations.
(NOTE: While MICROLUBROL™ TREADMILL LUBRICANT FLUID is essentially nontoxic, the bottle cap is NOT child-proof and the product must be stored away from children and pets, and any spilled or dripping fluid must be cleaned immediately since any spilled lubricant can present a slipping hazard).
Item Number: MLGPO-2
Manufacturer: MicroLubrol
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