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MicroLubrol™ GRAPHOLUBE™ 5M Ultra-Micro-Fine 5-Micron Powdered Graphite Lubricant, 1oz Bottle

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- SUPER FINE GRADE, 5 micrometers (microns, µm) average particle size.
- The finest grade for lubrication.
- Dry lubrication of metal and plastic contact parts.
- Dry lubrication of locks and door mechanisms.
- Lubrication of ammunition for reloading. Dry lubrication of firearms.

- Dry lubrication of internal clock parts.

In a CONVENIENT, RESEALABLE plastic SQUEEZE bottle w/ applicator top (applicator tip comes factory sealed "blind" so user can cut off tip for fine or wider tip opening hole).

Item Number: MLG5M-1B
Manufacturer: MicroLubrol
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