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MicroLubrol™ 130-X™ Waterproof Rifle Grease w/ PTFE Outperforms Lubriplate 130-A, 4oz Jar

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- MICROLUBROL™ 130-X Hunting Grease is "designed to lubricate the M1 Garand Rifle and much, much more! - MICROLUBROL™ 130-X contains micronized PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene, the generic name for DuPont Teflon polymer) which acts as an extreme contact pressure additive to provide outstanding protection against heavy friction, shock and wear.

- MICROLUBROL™ 130-X is rated for continuous use in temperatures up to 350ºF (175ºC) due to the super-high performance sulfonated calcium complex soap thickener in MICROLUBROL™ 130-X. Simple calcium soap thickeners were used in the earliest greases developed over 100 years ago and still find use today in low temperature, less demanding applications, but calcium soap greases are no match for the superior performance of newer technology sulfonated calcium complex soap thickener like that used in MICROLUBROL™ 130-X.

- MICROLUBROL™ 130-X has such an ultra low water washout rate that it is considered a true marine grade grease, and is resistant to fresh water as well as salt water and is even resistant to prolonged exposure to snow and ice! In addition, MICROLUBROL™ 130-X offers excellent protection against rust.

- MICROLUBROL™ 130-X is also recommended as a high-temperature bearing grease which means if it can take the punishment of high-temperature bearing duty it can definitely stand up to an M14 Bolt! The micro PTFE additive is totally invisible to the naked eye, but it is there, providing excellent high contact pressure and shock load protection on metal parts.
Item Number: ML130-X-4
Manufacturer: MicroLubrol
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